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Semi-Automatic Coconut Hard Shell Peeling Machine

    Semi-Automatic Coconut Hard Shell Peeling Machine (coconut deshelling machine) #process #factory #machine #equipment #workshop #fabrication Introduction of Cocon ...
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Semi-Automatic Coconut Hard Shell Peeling Machine (coconut deshelling machine)

#process #factory #machine #equipment #workshop #fabrication

Introduction of Coconut Desheller

This machine is especially designed for shelling coconut, by using the roller cutter to remove the outside coconut hard shell,

then you can get coconut meat. It is easy to operate, but you need to take care when using this machine.

Working principle of Coconut Dehusking Machine
When the machine is working , the transmission reduce gear drive the main axle to move , which make the mill run by the power transmission chain wheel .

Due to the cutter in the mill, putting the coconut the position between the mill and thrust bar with the manual turn continuously ,

which can remove the shell of the coconut under the function of the cutter and thrust bar running together .
Features of Coconut Skin Peeling Machine
1. Suitable for different size in range
2. Power-driven to be more efficient
3. Equipment height adjustable to flexible for operation
4. With cover to largest protect the coconut


working principle:
The machine is mainly composed of a cutter head, a shelling rod, a frame, a transmission
part, etc., and the coconut eye is placed on the shelling rod during work, and then the coconut is slowly tilted to the cutter
head for shelling treatment, and the coconut is gently rotated. Until the shells are removed.
1. Safety guards are installed on all running parts to ensure the safety of the operators.

2 .The processing tools are quench hardened to ensure high strength and durability.

3. The whole machine is professional mechanical design, with low noise and humanized tool adjustment and locking function, which meets the production efficiency and operation comfort requirements of different products.

Automatic coconut dehusking husking machine auto coconuts husk peeler remover dehusker removing machines

This machine is especially designed for shelling different size coconut in range, by using the roller cutter to remove the outside coconut hard shell, it’s easy to operate. This machine is mainly composed of cutter head, cutter tooth, transmission parts, rack, etc. Put the coconut slowly inclined to deal with the shell on the cutter disc, gently rotating the coconut, until the surface shell be removed cleanly. Whole machine is made of stainless steel, beautiful appearance, long service life.

Specification of Coconut Hard Shell Removing Machine

Overall size 0.8*0.6*1m 1*0.6*1m
Weight 60kg 70kg
Voltage 380V 380V
Power 0.75KW 1.1KW
Speed 1400r/min 1400r/min
Peeling speed 5-10S/PC/head 10-15S/PC/head
Working head 1PC 2PCS
Material 304stainless steel 304stainless steel

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Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading designer and manufacturer of Coconut Processing machines. Our factory is a company, located at Middle China. In the past 10 years, we focused on researching and designing the machinery which could process the coconut into different types. Romiter has an excellent technical support team which enables us to provide our customers with continuous high-quality coconut processing machines at competitive prices.

Romiter Group provides a complete Coconut Processing Solution, which includes Coconut Dehusking Machine, Coconut Hard Shell Shelling Machine, Coconut Peeling Machine, Coconut kernel Powder Grinder, Coconut Milk Machine, Coconut Juice Machine, Coconut Kernel Peeling Machine, Coconut Packing Machine and Coconut Coir Fiber Making Machine

Romiter Coconut Processing Machine meets Europe Quality Requirements. with CE Certification, Welcome to contact us for more information.


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